Redcliffe Pier

Friday, July 21, 2017


So many of our friends are selling their houses and moving into apartments or villages. We visited our friends, Kathy and Rob yesterday. They used to live in the same street as us. We travelled to the USA with them a few years ago. They have recently moved into a high rise apartment at Kangaroo Point in the city. It is like Kathy has travelled the full circle. Over 30 years ago she migrated from California to Queensland. Her first home was in a big house in Kangaroo Point. Since then she married an Australian and she has lived in many different suburbs of Brisbane but now she has returned to her favourite place. Kangaroo Point. It is a peninsula sticking into the Brisbane River. They have bought the most beautiful apartment on the 9th floor of a tower with stunning views of the city and river.
The twin towers of Millennium Apartments Kangaroo Point. Each floor is one apartment.

 Bill and Kathy admire the view.

Lunch and a catch up with Rob and Kathy.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Last week I visited Sonya and family in Melbourne. On the weekend my other daughter flew from Sydney to join us. We had a lovely time together except I found it very cold.
While the nanny minded Banjo, and Fox went on a play date us three girls went to lunch.

Banjo making cookies with the nanny

After lunch we went to the Art Gallery to see the Van Gogh exhibition but it was booked out. Water continually pours down this window.

 Melbourne reminds me of Europe. It was a lovely time being with my two girls. Sonya gave me a warm scarf for my birthday.

 The next day we all went to the circus show, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party in the Spiegel Tent. The boys participated in the dancing.

 After the show we had lunch and then went to Luna Park. The kids had fun.

 Aunty Carol and Fox challenge Bernie and Banjo on the Dodgem Cars. 
The Melbourne family. After the big day we went home for my last sleep in Melbourne.

The next morning Carol and I took the boys to the park while Mum and Papa had some free time together. Carol and Fox scootered while Banjo chased the ducks. Then we all went to Yum Cha lunch.  After lunch we went to the airport, where Carol flew back to Sydney and I flew to warm Brisbane. It was nice to catch up with the family.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


When most sensible people go north for winter holidays, I found myself winging my way south to Melbourne to spend time with the grands during their school holidays. Melbourne's hottest time of the day is colder than our coldest time of the day. I went with a case full of jackets and cords.

One day when mum and dad were at work and Banjo was at kindergarten, Fox took me for a walk. He was on his scooter and I walked fast to keep up. I had no idea where we were going but Fox was adamant that he new the way. It was a pretty walk through the parklands following a stream.
We walked about a three kilometres circuit and sure enough this little guy found our way home.

This way Grandma

We passed some pretty gardens

We watched the house next door being removed

After lunch we did it all again but this time with a football instead of a scooter.
Fox loves AFL Football and he plays Auskick. He is easily able to kick goals while I run and get the ball and kick it back to him.

After some time I pleaded to go home for a rest.

We stopped at the Glen Iris wetlands and looked for frogs. He found a big leaf for his little brother.

A passing cyclist offered to take our photo. Fox was very worried that I would drop the ball into the river.

Finally we were home and a rest in front of TV was a blessing.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Last Friday we drove to the airport and picked up daughter and SIL. We headed north and dropped SIL off at his parents house, where we had a lovely morning tea. Then with Carol enjoying driving our new car we set off for Flaxton, a cute little village nestled in the hills of the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. The weather was a perfect Queensland warm winter's day. Soon we arrived at our cosy B&B, where I found a birthday card and bag of chocolates on the bed from the host.

 That night we went to a local French Restaurant for a delicious dinner.

 Next morning we had a short drive to Mary Cairncross Reserve, where we were disappointed because the new cafe wasn't open. So instead of coffee we went for a short walk through the Rainforest.

 There is a beautiful view of the Glasshouse Mountains from the road. The mountains are actually cores of ancient volcanoes. They were named by Captain Cook as he sailed up the east coast in the 1770's. The mountains reminded him of the glass kilns in his native Yorkshire.

Next stop was Melaney Botanic Gardens. These gardens are perched on the side of a steep hill with the most magnificent views from every angle.

 There were many water features, sculptures plants and ponds.

 There is also an avery with many colourful birds. the birds will land on your arms and head and demand a treat.

We waited at the bottom of the hill, while our chauffeur went to get the car at the top of the hill. Here she comes to pick us up. It was an easy weekend. On the way home we stopped at a random restaurant, "The Terrace", which turned out to be a great place with delicious food, friendly service and a fabulous view.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Last weekend we attended a photography workshop at Redcliffe. We had to meet under the clock at the pier at 7:30am. So we decided to go to Redcliffe the night before and stay over night to save getting up too early to drive there in the morning.
 The old art deco bathing pavilion and entry to the pier.

 Redcliffe is on the shores of Moreton Bay.

 One can't visit Redcliffe without a stroll along the pier. The Whale Watching boat is moored there.

 The swimming pool area is where we started our portrait tutorial.

 The model provided was beautiful and so easy to work with.

We learnt lots but how much we remember is the problem.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Come with me on my morning walk. 
 I walk down our street and I meet Helen. We walk into the forest at the end of the street.

 After 15 mins we come to the picnic area where we meet some more ladies in one of the carparks.

 Then we all set off along one of the many trails in the forest.

 We often see wallabies along the way.

 Sometimes we walk through the swampy Tea Tree Forest on a boardwalk.

 We leave the forest for a short walk to Lake Dennis and then return to the forest.

 We climb lots of hills and do a lot of chatting. 

 Helen and I say goodbye to our pals as they go back to the carpark and we take the path to our village.

 We leave the forest and walk into........

 the gate of the village.

 Up the hill to the top

and turn into our street. It takes us an hour and we walk about 4k. Then it s time for breakfast and a cuppa. I love Daisy Hill Forest and I love my morning walks although cold, dark, winter mornings are a bit challenging.